Hot Airballon Experience Marrakech

5 Hours

Join us as we take to the skies and soar over the stunning landscape of Morocco. Our professional and experienced team will guide you on a hot air balloon ride that offers breathtaking views of the region. As you drift through the air, you’ll have the opportunity to take in the stunning natural beauty of the landscape and learn about the local culture and history. Whether you’re an experienced traveler or simply looking to indulge in a unique and exciting experience, this hot air balloon ride is not to be missed. So come join us and discover the magic of Marrakech from above on this unforgettable hot air balloon experience.


Start your day with an early morning pick-up from your accommodation and be transported in a touristic insured 4WD to the launch site. Enjoy refreshments as you watch the hot air balloon prepare for takeoff and listen to a safety briefing from your pilot.

As you take off, you will be in a private compartment, with a soft drink service on board to refresh you while you take in the beautiful scenery below. The flight will last around 60 minutes, allowing you to take in the stunning panoramic views and capture unforgettable moments.

Once you safely land, you will be greeted with a celebration and delicious traditional Moroccan breakfast. The pilot will also present you with a flight certificate as a souvenir of your experience. Our tour also includes drop off back to your accommodation.
Make this hot air balloon ride tour in Agafay desert a highlight of your Morocco vacation and see the desert from a whole new perspective.

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Hot Airballon Experience Marrakech
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